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The CO₂ avoidance programme for off-grid solar 

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Our solar partners

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Correct and precise amount of CO2 offset certificates are generated

DNV has checked that a correct and precise amount of micro carbon offset certificates are generated in line with CDM AMS-I.L. methodology.​

Fully traceable offset certificates

DNV has verified the traceability of the carbon offset certificates, and that Solstroem has a monitoring system that confirms that the solar PV installations are real and in use.​

No double spending

DNV has checked that the Solstroem platform does not allow double counting and/or claiming of the issued micro carbon offsets.​

Digital implementation

DNV has reviewed Solstroem’s core algorithm that calculates and creates the micro carbon offsets.

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Earth for Us to Protect

Solstroem in 4 steps



Micro Carbon Avoidances are created from the replacement of kerosene lamps by Solar Home Systems. 



Choose your project and select your contribution.  



Receive your traceable Micro Carbon Avoidance certificate.



Verify the origin of your purchase through our cabonclear explorer.  

An impact driven CO₂ avoidance programme

Solstroem provides off-grid solar providers access to the carbon market, thus accelerating the energy transition in developing and emerging countries
By 2022, we aim at  positively impacting the lives of over 2.5 Million people. When you buy Solstroem´s carbon avoidances, you support the roll-out of solar energy to the less privileged in off-grid rural environments. The co-benefits of the Solstroem programme are significant: decline in deforestation activities, better health, access to mobile and banking services, and a better learning environment for the younger generation.

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Solar Panel

Trust & Transparency

Solstroem issues trusted and transparent digital credits representing verified micro carbon avoidances - or MCAs. These MCAs can be purchased by companies or individuals wishing to compensate for their own CO2 emissions in an impactful way. The UN CDM methodology applied in the programme, its codification, and the handling of data are verified by DNV.  

A data-driven solution

The Solstroem solution is data-driven, and based on direct software integrations with the solar partners in the field. Only proven consumption of solar energy results in the issuance of MCAs, on a rolling basis. On the Carbonclear registry, buyers can verify the validity of the CO2 certificates purchased. Each certificate shows the specific geolocation of every single solar system having avoided CO2 emissions, and a timestamp of when the renewable energy consumption took place. 

Computer Programming
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Get to know us

Our team has substantial industry experience in designing, and implementing large-scale solar projects, managing projects in emerging economies, and knowledge at PhD-level of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology applications in energy and climate markets. We are advised by high ranking environmental experts and public affairs officials.

How can you help

Join us on the journey towards a greener and fair tomorrow. We have created an ambassador program for students and activists interested in the greening of our planet.   

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